The International Service Committee has been very active recently and has approved funding for several worthwhile projects.  The Committee contributed $100 per club member to the Rotary Foundation for Polio eradication.  Rotarian Steve Rutledge received $8500 to complete funding for his water project in Katang Xieng, Laos.  The Committee also donated $1000 to Allison Edwards and International Teams Canada for her Jinja Connection project to help purchase tooth brushes, toothpaste and back packs for street boys in her school in Uganda.  ShelterBox Canada was given $7200 to purchase six Shelter Boxes used for temporary shelter during disaster relief.  Medecins Sans Frontiers, better known as Doctors Without Borders, received $1500 to assist with their continuing international efforts.  The Committee also committed $2000 toward the President's project for the purchase of school desks in Katang Xieng, Laos.  A desk is donated in the name of each of our guest speakers as a thank you for their time.

Left to Right:  President Gord Wallace, Whitby Rotarian Steve Rutledge, International Committee Director Don Gleed