Posted by Lyle Goodin on Feb 06, 2018
The February 6, 2018 meeting of the Rotary Club of Bowmanville was rather special because three of our members were each awarded a Paul Harris Sapphire Fellowship.
Our first recipient was Don Hutton who was presented with his first Paul Harris Sapphire Fellowship by Rotary Foundation chair Gord Wallace.
Don Hutton (L) receives his First Paul Harris Sapphire Fellowship from Gord Wallace
It was then Don Hutton's pleasure to present Kevin Anyan with his second Paul Harris Sapphire Fellowship.
Kevin Anyan (L) receives his second Paul Harris Sapphire Fellowship from Don Hutton
Finally, Kevin Anyan had the honour to present Foundation chair Gord Wallace with his third Paul Harris Sapphire Fellowship.
Gord Wallace (L) receives his third Paul Harris Sapphire Fellowship from Kevin Anyan 
A Paul Harris Fellowship is presented to a Rotarian who has donated $1000 USD to the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.  With each additional contribution, a Sapphire Fellowship is awarded up to five.  Following that, they begin to become Ruby awards.  Congratulations to all three of our Club members for their dedication to and support of the Rotary Foundation.