The June 24, 2014 meeting of the Rotary Club of Bowmanville marked the end of one Rotary year and the beginning of a new one.  With the change comes a new President, a new Board of Directors, and a new Rotary theme - Light Up Rotary. 

Out-going President Don Hutton marked a very successful term in office during which he built, with the assistance of a very capable Board of Directors, a renewed and more vibrant Club.  Don accomplished the goals he set for himself and the Club.  He thanked District Governor Valerie Wafer, who was in attendance, and his Board of Directors for their support during the past year.  Don presented in-coming President Gord Wallace with the President's pin.  As a token of his appreciation, Don then presented each of his Directors with an uncirculated 2014 Olympic one dollar coin. 

In-coming President Gord Wallace thanked Don for his leadership during the past year and presented him with a recycled Past President pin from 1998/1999 when Don was President of the Club for the first time.  Gord then presented Don with a blue bag that contained a 12 year vintage beverage.  As Gord took over the remainder of the meeting, he committed to continue to build the Club and to bring a more business-like model to the functioning of the Club.  The members gave an enthusiastic ovation to the two Presidents.  We are all looking forward to yet another great Rotary year.


                                                                               Incoming President Gord Wallace (L) and out-going President Don Hutton (R)