Posted by Lyle Goodin on Mar 26, 2021
The Rotary Club of Bowmanville's Thursday March 25th evening meeting was truly a special one.  The Club took the opportunity to present eleven Paul Harris Fellowships and two Paul Harris Fellowship Certificates of Appreciation to deserving Everyday Heroes of the Pandemic
Paul Harris was the founder in 1905 of what became Rotary International, a global service organization of more than 32,000 local clubs and over 1.2 million community minded individuals.  The motto of Rotary International is "Service Above Self".  The presentation of a Paul Harris Fellowship is Rotary's way of recognizing an individual's outstanding contribution to their community while a Paul Harris Fellowship Certificate of Appreciation recognizes the community contribution of an outstanding organization.
The recipients of Paul Harris Fellowships (PHF) were:
  • Jim Boate, a cycling and hiking enthusiast, was recognized for several community activities but especially for pestering the municipality into clearing the snow from the Bowmanville Valley Trails so they can be enjoyed during the winter.
  • Ben Earle, Executive Director of Feed the Need in Durham, received recognition for his leadership of his amazing team as they work to keep food available for those in need in Durham.
  • Joe Solway, a Bowmanville Rotarian, was recognized as the driving force behind the Concert to Feed the Need in Durham that raised $20,120 last December for the food bank.
  • Marj Huxter, a cashier at the Bowmanville Metro, received recognition for her welcoming smile and outgoing personality over 36 years that has been especially welcoming during this difficult time.
  • Steve and Cherie Mintz were recognized for putting smiles on children's faces this past Christmas.  They organized a socially distanced visit with Santa on their front lawn  and ended up raising $1,400 which they then distributed to several families in need.
  • Mark Canning received his PHF for taking the lead in organizing the construction and maintenance of two outdoor rinks in local parks, one in Courtice and one in Bowmanville, for kid's outdoor recreation.
  • Koren Kassirer was recognized for her many many community activities both prior to and during the pandemic.  Koren was a founder of Picasso's Picnic which became the Kids Outdoor Art Festival.
  • Martha McGee was recognized for her cheerful presence and welcoming smile while managing the Algoma Orchards store during the pandemic.  She is a good friend, good neighbour, and someone you can count on if you need help.
  • Eleanor (Eli) Brooks, a Bowmanville Rotarian, helped with the organization of the Concert to Feed the Need in Durham and was, and still is, the driving force behind Bowmanville Rotary's Grocery shopping and delivery program.
  • John Albi, owner of the Newcastle Rona, was recognized for his Newcastle Proud poster campaign, his Christmas lights on Toronto Street, and his gifts of flowers and poinsettias to local long term facilities.
  • Michelle Stroud, retiring CEO of Glen Hill Strathaven Long Term Care Facility, received her PHF for her aggressive, proactive management approach to the pandemic which resulted in a minimum of COVID-19 cases in the facility.
Two very deserving organizations received Paul Harris Fellowship Certificates of Appreciation.  They were:
  • Lakeridge Health and especially Lakeridge Health Bowmanville received a PHF Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of the courage, hard work, and dedication of EVERYONE who works at the hospital.  Their willingness to tirelessly step forward on our behalf during this battle against COVID-19 has earned them our everlasting gratitude.  Accepting on behalf of Lakeridge Health was Dr. Harvey Williams and Registered Nurse Jennifer Keeler both of whom work in the Emergency Department at LHB.
  • Bowmanville Older Adult Association received a PHF Certificate of Appreciation for rising to the challenge to create online programming after the pandemic shut their doors in March of 2020.  Within two weeks online programming was available, staff were recalled, and daily care calls were being made to shut-in members.  The response of the BOAA team was nothing short of amazing.  The Certificate of Appreciation was accepted by Executive Director Angie Darlinson and her team.
The Rotary Club of Bowmanville wishes to express its heartfelt thanks and well deserved congratulations to all Paul Harris Fellowship and Paul Harris Fellowship Certificate of Appreciation recipients.  It is people like you who make our community the the wonderful place to live that it is.  THANK YOU!!!
                       Koren Kassirer PHF Recipient                                         Eleanor (Eli) Brooks PHF Recipient
                           Marj Huxter PHF Recipient                                                    John Albi PHF Recipient​​​​