Posted by Lyle Goodin
The success of Rotary's Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup was attributable to a wonderful turnout by both Club members and the public.  Crews fanned out along the trails that follow both Bowmanville Creek and Sopers Creek to collect bags and bags and more bags of trash.
Rotary provided volunteers with gloves and garbage bags and turned them loose on the kilometers of trails that wind along the two creeks.  The trash was brought to central collection points where the municipality will arrange for it to be picked up.
Rotary and Valleys 2000 wish to extend our sincere appreciation to all who participated in rejuvenating our creek valleys.  Keeping litter out of the creek valley environment makes it so much more pleasing for those strolling in the valleys and for the creatures that naturally inhabitant the valleys. 
Here are a few photos of the event.