Rotary Park

192 Queen St, Bowmanville, ON

Rental Information

Rotary Park does not belong to the Rotary Club of Bowmanville; it was donated to and belongs to the Municipality of Clarington and is managed by the Operations Department.  Information related to the rental of the park for private use may be obtained by contacting Susan Hajnik, Operations Technician, at 905-263-2291 or email

History of Rotary Park

In April 1930 a Special Committee of the Rotary Club of Bowmanville met with the Town Council to discuss the possibility of the Club establishing a park in the community.  On December 3rd of that same year the Club members visited the site that they were considering buying for the proposed community park.  The site was located on Queen Street at the southern end of Temperance Street.  The property was subsequently purchased from a Mrs. Williams at a cost of $450.00 and a further $400.00 was spent to develop the park.

On August 26, 1931, during the first of an annual carnival that was held at the park, the deed to the newly completed Rotary Park was turned over to the town.  Mayor M. J. Elliott received the deed from the Rotary Club of Bowmanville's Charter President, T. S. Holgate.

In August 1935 the Club directors voted to spend $100.00 for the purchase of benches and tables for the park and in the spring of 1936 a major spring cleanup and revitalization was undertaken.  Because the town did not have money to spend on the park, the Club purchased trees, flowers, and new water lines for irrigation of the flower beds.  During the next number of years the Rotary Club maintained the park.  In summer there was a baseball diamond and in the winter an open air rink was available for use by the citizens of the town.

In October 1948 construction of a new arena began on the site.  The Bowmanville Memorial Arena occupied the site for forty years until the Garnet B. Rickard Recreation Complex opened.  With the demolition of the old arena in 1988, the site once again became Rotary Park .

In 1996 the park was revitalized once again.  A gazebo was constructed and the Memorial Clock Tower and plaque were dedicated to the memory of the three Bowmanville brothers, Bill, Alec, and Sandy Colville, who died while serving their country in the RCAF during the Second World War.

Rotary Park is now a vibrant part of our community.  It is the venue for the very popular summer "Concerts in the Park"  supported by local community-minded businesses.  The concert program began in 1997 with three bands and has now expanded to twelve.  Each Thursday evening, beginning in mid-June and extending through to the end of August, residents can enjoy a variety of live music in a relaxing natural setting.  At the south end of the park there is a staircase leading to the beautiful Bowmanville Creek valley and the Valleys 2000 project.